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coming home

Coming Home

Our dogs go crazy when we come home. Gone five minutes or five days… doesn’t matter. They can’t contain their happiness. And yes, it truly is happiness. A nose-to-tail wriggle, prancing paws, and, if you bend down low enough, usually a slobber bath. So how about when the separation is two and-a-half years, half a…

small breed

Small Breed Group Training

Small Breed Group Training Everyone say “Hi” to our Small Breed Group Training Model. Sunnie is 6 years old Cocker Spaniel that likes to laugh when she is being naughty and mom cant help but to laugh too! So Sunnie is working on learning to laugh appropriately with Alpha K9 training. Small Breed Training Program…

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BECOME A SPONSOR It takes a lot of planning, manpower and frankly funds to make something as amazing as Alpha k9 function.  The staff at Alpha K9 and volunteers at can only do so much to help those in need… the rest is possible thanks to our long list of amazing sponsors. Sponsoring the Alpha K9 comes in many forms, each form handled in a different way and for a variety of reasons.  Simple, really. If a sponsor goes the extra mile for Alpha K9; Alpha K9 will show them the love in return. Learn More