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KCRA A-List 2014

KCRA A-List 2014 Alpha K9 Calling all Alpha K9 friends, family and followers. Its time again to vote for the number #1 dog trainer in our community. If you could take two minutes to vote for Alpha K9, it could make a difference by allowing a dog to be sponsored and donated to someone right…

Reactive Dog Workshop

Reactive Dog Workshop  Sunday, April 27th at 1PM   Does your dog bark, growl, and lunge every time a dog passes? Do you find yourself walking your dog less because it’s just too difficult with all the distractions? Have you ‘failed’ your group obedience classes because your dog simply can’t stop staring at the other…

Online Store

BECOME A SPONSOR It takes a lot of planning, manpower and frankly funds to make something as amazing as Alpha k9 function.  The staff at Alpha K9 and volunteers at can only do so much to help those in need… the rest is possible thanks to our long list of amazing sponsors. Sponsoring the Alpha K9 comes in many forms, each form handled in a different way and for a variety of reasons.  Simple, really. If a sponsor goes the extra mile for Alpha K9; Alpha K9 will show them the love in return. Learn More