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Welcome to Alpha K9 Training! We’re here to help your dog learn and grow. Our training is all about making it easy and fun for your furry friend. Whether they’re learning new skills or just enjoying being a part of the family, we’ve got them covered. Come join us for a pawsitive experience like no other!

                                            Man’s Best Friend…..

Throughout the course of history, there are very few things that people have entrusted their lives with, and highly trained alpha k9 dogs are one of them. Be it a Military Working Detection Dog looking for explosives on some distant battle field, a Service Dog helping a wounded Veteran or abused child navigate through life,  or a Police Dog securing the streets, these highly trained dogs have been on the front lines defending and serving the people of the United States to secure our freedom and keep us safe.

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Read And Learn About Alpha K9 Dog Training

Are you looking to train your dog? Try the Alpha K9 dog training guides books. They are easy to understand and have helpful tips from experts. These books teach you how to make your dog behave well. You can learn basic commands and fix bad behaviors. Many people have had success with these books. Give them a try and see how happy your dog can be!

K9 Police Dogs Professional Training Series

About This Training Guide:

Learn important skills every decoy needs in the updated guide by Stephen Mackenzie. He has lots of experience training police dogs.

Understand dogs better by focusing on seven important things. Learn to encourage good behavior. A good decoy can make a dog perform better.

This guide is important for teachers and students who want to be better decoys. Improve how you talk to dogs and keep them safe with Mackenzie’s advice. Become valuable to K9 personnel, handlers, and trainers.

Don’t miss out on learning decoy training – get your copy now!

Alpha K9 Service Dog Training Guide


Train Your Own Service Dog at Home!

Our Service Dog Training Guide makes it simple. Learn step-by-step, from basic exercises to important tasks. Discover different types of service dogs, breeds, and training equipment. With clear instructions and positive reinforcement, teach your dog skills like fetching items and reminding about medication.

– Tailored approach: Find the best tasks for your dog.
– Easy instructions: Train your dog with simple steps.
– Positive reinforcement: Motivate your dog with praise and rewards.

Make a big difference in someone’s life. Start training your service dog today!

The Official U.S. Military Working K9 Dog Training Book


Train Your Dog Military-Style!

Learn how the U.S. military trains their brave canine soldiers with this easy-to-follow manual. From basic commands like “HEEL” and “STAY” to advanced skills like obstacle courses and searching, you’ll discover it all.

This manual covers:
– Keeping your dog healthy
– Teaching good behavior
– Training for special missions

Whether you’re a dog lover or a pro, this guide has something for everyone. Get yours now and train your dog like a true military hero!”

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Alpha K9 Products

Here are some Alpha K9 products for training and safety. Get durable leashes and effective training tools to help your K9 friend perform their best.

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