Detection k9 dog

Detection Dogs

Detection Dogs are utilized around the world to secure our communities and families. A canines ability to identify a target odor, such as narcotics or explosives, and follow it to the source of the odor is second to none. Canines can be utilized to locate hidden materials such as explosives, narcotics, electronics, firearms and numerous other forms of contraband. Alpha K9 currently has available Detection Dog Teams that can be utilized to conduct private and public searches. Alpha K9’s detection program is based upon real world military utilization experience. Very few company’s have experience finding the actual substances their canine teams are trained to find. Alpha K9 is working on the cutting edge of training and utilization practices because of our real world experiences. Detection Teams are available for individual use or as contracted teams.



Constantly evolving to the needs of society. Alpha K9’s Explosive Detection Dog Teams are trained utilizing leading edge methodologies to train, certify and maintain our teams. Canines are trained to detect the predominate odors utilized in explosive attacks and are utilized to search crowds, public venues, events, business and educational facilities.


Offering Narcotic detection teams that specifically target illegal substances. Canines are able to search locations such as business for employee compliance and even private detection services in the home for parents wishing to ensure their children are safe




Alpha K9 has detection teams capable to detect a vast array of substances and contraband including electronics, cell phones, firearms, weapons and many others. Please contact us to see how Alpha K9 can serve your needs.



Alpha K9 offers intensive training programs for individual Canines, Handlers, Trainers and Supervisors. Our proven methodology and educational programs are designed for every level of handling and supervisory experience. Contact us for upcoming training courses or to schedule one of our Mobile Training Teams to come to your location

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